Configuring Your Android Hardware for Debugging


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Android devices have debugging disabled by default.Your Android device must be enabled for debugging via a USB connection in order to develop applications and run them on the device.

First, you need to enable your device to install Android applications other than those from the Android Market. This setting is reached by selecting Home, Menu, Settings, Applications. Here you should check (enable) the option called Unknown Sources.

More important development settings are available on the Android device by selecting Home, Menu, Settings,Applications, Development (see Figure 2.2). Here you should enable the following options:

■ USB Debugging: This setting enables you to debug your applications via the USB connection.

■ Stay Awake: This convenient setting keeps the phone from sleeping in the middle of your development work, as long as the device is plugged in.

■ Allow Mock Locations: This setting enables you to send mock location information to the phone for development purposes and is very convenient for applications using location-based services (LBS).

Figure 2.2 Android debug settings.

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