The Android Debug Bridge Quick Start Guide 647

Listing Connected Devices and Emulators 647 Directing ADB Commands to Specific Devices 648 Starting and Stopping the ADB Server 648 Stopping the ADB Server Process 648 Starting and Checking the ADB Server Process 648 Issuing Shell Commands 649

Issuing a Single Shell Command 649 Using a Shell Session 649

Using the Shell to Start and Stop the Emulator 649 Copying Files 650

Sending Files to a Device or Emulator 650 Retrieving Files from a Device or Emulator 650 Installing and Uninstalling Applications 651 Installing Applications 651 Reinstalling Applications 651 Uninstalling Applications 651 Working with LogCat Logging 652

Displaying All Log Information 652 Including Date and Time with Log Data 652 Filtering Log Information 652 Clearing the Log 654 Redirecting Log Output to a File 654 Accessing the Secondary Logs 654 Controlling the Backup Service 654 Forcing Backup Operations 655 Forcing Restore Operations 655 Wiping Archived Data 655 Generating Bug Reports 655 Using the Shell to Inspect SQLite Databases 656 Using the Shell to Stress Test Applications 656 Letting the Monkey Loose on Your Application 656 Listening to Your Monkey 656 Directing Your Monkey's Actions 657 Training Your Monkey to Repeat His Tricks 658 Keeping the Monkey on a Leash 658 Learning More About Your Monkey 659 Installing Custom Binaries via the Shell 659 Exploring Other ADB Commands 660

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