The Android DDMS Quick Start Guide 635

Using DDMS with Eclipse and as a Stand-Alone Application 635

Getting Up to Speed Using Key Features of DDMS 636 Working with Processes 637

Attaching a Debugger to an Android Application 638 Monitoring Thread Activity of an Android

Application 638

Prompting Garbage Collection (GC) 639 Monitoring Heap Activity 639 Monitoring Memory Allocation 640 Stopping a Process 640 Working with the File Explorer 641

Browsing the File System of an Emulator or Device 641

Copying Files from the Emulator or Device 641 Copying Files to the Emulator or Device 642 Deleting Files on the Emulator or Device 642 Working with the Emulator Control 642 Simulating Incoming Voice Calls 643 Simulating Incoming SMS Messages 643 Sending a Location Fix 643 Working with Application Logging 644 Taking Screen Captures of Emulator and Device Screens 645

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