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The Android SDK and AVD Manager, shown in Figure 2.5, is a tool integrated into Eclipse.This tool performs two major functions: management of multiple versions of the Android SDK on the development machine and management of the developer's Android Virtual Device (AVD) configurations.

Figure 2.5 The Android SDK and AVD Manager.

Much like desktop computers, different Android devices run different versions of the Android operating system. Developers need to be able to target different Android SDK

versions with their applications. Some applications target a specific Android SDK, whereas others try to provide simultaneous support for as many versions as possible.

The Android SDK and AVD Manager facilitate Android development across multiple platform versions simultaneously. When a new Android SDK is released, you can use this tool to download and update your tools while still maintaining backward compatibility and use older versions of the Android SDK.

The tool also manages the AVD configurations. To manage applications in the Android emulator, you must configure an AVD. This AVD profile describes what type of device you want the emulator to simulate, including which Android platform to support.You can specify different screen sizes and orientations, and you can specify whether the emulator has an SD card and, if so, what capacity.

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