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The Android emulator, shown in Figure 2.6, is one of the most important tools provided with the Android SDK.You will use this tool frequently when designing and developing Android applications.The emulator runs on your computer and behaves much as a mobile device would.You can load Android applications into the emulator, test, and debug them.

Figure 2.6 The Android emulator.

The emulator is a generic device and is not tied to any one specific phone configura-tion.You describe the hardware and software configuration details that the emulator is to simulate by providing an AVD configuration.

You should be aware that the Android emulator is a substitute for a real Android device, but it's an imperfect one. The emulator is a valuable tool for testing but cannot fully replace testing on actual target devices.

For more information about the emulator, see Appendix A, "The Android Emulator Quick-Start Guide." You can also find exhaustive information about the Android emulator in the Android SDK Documentation:

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