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The Android application framework provides everything necessary to implement your average application.The Android application lifecycle involves the following key components:

■ Activities are functions the application performs.

■ Groups of views define the application's layout.

■ Intents inform the system about an application's plans.

■ Services allow for background processing without user interaction.

■ Notifications alert the user when something interesting happens.

Android applications can interact with the operating system and underlying hardware using a collection of managers. Each manager is responsible for keeping the state of some underlying system service. For example, there is a LocationManager that facilitates interaction with the location-based services available on the handset. The viewManager and WindowManager manage user interface fundamentals.

Applications can interact with one another by using or acting as a ContentProvider. Built-in applications such as the Contact manager are content providers, allowing third-party applications to access contact data and use it in an infinite number of ways.The sky is the limit.

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