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Although Android has many innovative features not available in existing mobile platforms, its designers also leveraged many tried-and-true approaches proven to work in the wireless world. It's true that many of these features appear in existing proprietary platforms, but Android combines them in a free and open fashion while simultaneously addressing many of the flaws on these competing platforms.

The Android mascot is a little green robot, shown in Figure 1.5.This little guy (girl?) is often used to depict Android-related materials.

Android is the first in a new generation of mobile platforms, giving its platform developers a distinct edge on the competition. Android's designers examined the benefits and drawbacks of existing platforms and then incorporated their most successful features.At the same time, Android's designers avoided the mistakes others suffered in the past.

Since the Android 1.0 SDK was released,Android platform development has continued at a fast and furious pace. For quite some time, there was a new Android SDK out every couple ofmonths! In typical tech-sector jargon, each Android SDK has had a project name. In Android's case, the SDKs are named alphabetically after sweets (see Figure 1.6).

The latest version of Android is codenamed Gingerbread.


Figure 1.5 The Android mascot and logo.

Figure 1.6 Some Android SDKs and their codenames.

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