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When we began writing the first edition of this book, there were no Android devices on the market. One Android device became available shortly after we started, and it was available only in the United States.Today there are dozens of devices shipping all over the world.The Android platform has gone through extensive changes since the first edition of this book was published.The Android SDK has many new features, and the development tools have received many much-needed upgrades. Android, as a technology, is now on solid footing within the mobile marketplace.

Within this new edition, we took the opportunity to do a serious overhaul on book content—but don't worry, it's still the book readers loved the first time, just bigger, better, and more comprehensive. In addition to adding newly available content, we've retested and upgraded all existing content (text and sample code) for use with the newest Android SDKs. Here are some of the highlights of the additions and enhancements we've made to this edition:

■ Coverage of the latest and greatest Android tools and utilities

■ Updates to all existing chapters, often with some entirely new sections

■ Complete overhaul of sample code and applications—many more of them, too— organized by topic

■ Nine new chapters, which cover new SDK features, including web APIs, the Android NDK, extending application reach, managing users, data synchronization, backups, advanced user input, and compatibility

■ Topics such as Android Manifest files, content providers, designing apps, and testing each now have their own chapter

■ Updated 3D graphics programming, including OpenGL ES 2.0

■ Coverage of hot topics such as Bluetooth, gestures, voice recognition,App Widgets, Live Folders, Live Wallpapers, and global search

■ Even more tips and tricks from the trenches to help you design, develop, and test applications for different device targets, including an all-new chapter on tackling compatibility issues

■ A new appendix full of Eclipse tips and tricks

As you can see, we cover many of the hottest and most exciting features that Android has to offer.We didn't take this review lightly; we touched every existing chapter, updated content, and added many new chapters as well. Finally, we included many additions, clarifications, and, yes, even a few fixes based upon the feedback from our fantastic (and meticulous) readers.Thank you!

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