Adding Logging Support to Your Android Application


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Before you start diving into the various features of the Android SDK, you should familiarize yourself with logging, a valuable resource for debugging and learning Android. Android logging features are in the Log class of the android.util package.

Some helpful methods in the android.util.Log class are shown in Table 3.2.




Log errors


Log warnings


Log informational



Log Debug messages


Log Verbose mesages

To add logging support to MyFirstAndroidApp, edit the file First, you must add the appropriate import statement for the Log class:

import android.util.Log;

To save time in Eclipse, you can use the imported classes in your code and add the imports needed by hovering over the imported class name and choosing the Add Imported Class option.

You can also use the Organize imports command (Ctrl+Shift+O in Windows or Command+Shift+O on a Mac) to have Eclipse automatically organize your imports. This removes unused imports and adds new ones for packages used but not imported. If a naming conflict arises, as it often does with the Log class, you can choose the package you intended to use.

Next, within the MyFirstAndroidApp class, declare a constant string that you use to tag all logging messages from this class.You can use the LogCat utility within Eclipse to filter your logging messages to this debug tag:

private static final String DEBUG_TAG= "MyFirstAppLogging";

Now, within the onCreate() method, you can log something informational:

Log.i(DEBUG_TAG, "Info about MyFirstAndroidApp");

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