This book would never have been written without the guidance and encouragement we received from a number of supportive individuals, including our editorial team, coworkers, friends, and family. We'd like to thank the Android developer community, Google, and the Open Handset Alliance for their vision and expertise.Throughout this project, our editorial team at Pearson Education (Addison-Wesley) always had the right mix of professionalism and encouragement. Thanks especially to Trina MacDonald, Olivia Basegio, Songlin Qiu, and our crack team of technical reviewers: Doug Jones and Charles Stearns (as well as Dan Galpin, Tony Hillerson, and Ronan Schwarz, who reviewed the first edition). Dan Galpin also graciously provided the clever Android graphics used for Tips, Notes, and Warnings.We'd also like to thank Ray Rischpater for his longtime encouragement and advice on technical writing. Amy Badger must be commended for her wonderful waterfall illustration, and we also thank Hans Bodlaender for letting us use the nifty chess font he developed as a hobby project.

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