The Android Emulator Quick Start Guide 613


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Simulating Reality: The Emulator's Purpose 613 Working with Android Virtual Devices (AVDs) 615 Using the Android SDK and AVD Manager 616 Creating an AVD 616 Launching the Emulator with a Specific AVD 620 Configuring Emulator Startup Options 621 Launching an Emulator to Run an Application 621 Launching an Emulator from the Android SDK and AVD Manager 623 Configuring the GPS Location of the Emulator 623 Calling Between Two Emulator Instances 625 Messaging Between Two Emulator Instances 625 Interacting with the Emulator Through the Console 628 Using the Console to Simulate Incoming Calls 628 Using the Console to Simulate SMS Messages 629 Using the Console to Send GPS Coordinates 630 Using the Console to Monitor Network Status 631 Using the Console to Manipulate Power Settings 631 Using Other Console Commands 632 Enjoying the Emulator 632 Understanding Emulator Limitations 632

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