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Android developers are free to choose any kind of revenue model they want.They can develop freeware, shareware, or trial-ware applications, ad-driven, and paid applications. Android was designed to fundamentally change the rules about what kind of wireless applications could be developed. In the past, developers faced many restrictions that had little to do with the application functionality or features:

■ Store limitations on the number of competing applications of a given type

■ Store limitations on pricing, revenue models, and royalties

■ Operator unwillingness to provide applications for smaller demographics

With Android, developers can write and successfully publish any kind of application they want. Developers can tailor applications to small demographics, instead ofjust large-scale money-making ones often insisted upon by mobile operators.Vertical market applications can be deployed to specific, targeted users.

Because developers have a variety ofapplication distribution mechanisms to choose from, they can pick the methods that work for them instead of being forced to play by others' rules.Android developers can distribute their applications to users in a variety of ways:

■ Google developed the Android Market (see Figure 1.7), a generic Android application store with a revenue-sharing model.

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