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Google's online store makes it easy to find and buy the appsyou need espite its excellent operating WM system, your Android phone is ultimately only as useful as the apps installed on it. Whether you're looking to play games, manage media or find new ways to organise your life, apps are the tools that can make it happen.

Android's official app store is the Android Market. While the open nature of Google's platform allows you to download apps from anywhere (several other app download sites exist), the Android Market is the largest collection and offers a secure way to pay through Google Checkout.


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To access the Market on your phone or tablet, tap the Market shortcut on the home screen. Once it loads, you'll see a page showcasing the latest featured applications. At the top of the screen is a series of tabs labelled Apps, Games, and possibly another option specific to your network.

Tapping the Apps tab brings up a set of categories to browse. Within each you'll see a list of the most popular programs sorted by whether they're free or paid-for. You can also tap the search icon - the magnifying glass at the top right - to find any application by name or keyword.

To learn more about a particular app, tap it to load a description and screen-shots provided by the developer, along with ratings and comments from users.

You can't view the Android Market in a web browser, so it's only accessible on an Android device. If you come across a useful app on the developer's website rather than the Market, on the other hand, the website may provide a URL that you can tap (when using an Android device), or a barcode you can scan, to jump to that application's entry in the Android Market.


When you decide you want an app, touch the Install button at the bottom of its page in the Market. The system will tell you what functions the program will be able to

access on your device; this is to help ensure you're not downloading anything that isn't what it seems, but it's generally no cause for alarm. The vast majority of apps in the Market are perfectly safe. Just be sure you've looked over an app's ratings and comments to get an idea of its reputation, then use your judgement.

With free apps, the download will begin as soon as you tap OK. With paid apps, you'll first be taken to a Google Checkout screen to enter your credit card information. You'll only have to input your payment details once; they'll be securely stored for future transactions.

A message will pop up in your notification panel once an app has finished installing. The app will then automatically appear as an icon in your app launcher.

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