start receiving faster notifications. This will automatically disable the option to forward texts to your mobile number, so you won't get the same messages twice.

Alternatively, you might want to route your messages via Gmail. Log in to the Google Voice website from a PC. Click Settings and choose Voicemail b SMS. Under Voicemail Notifications, tick the options to email both voicemail notifications and SMS messages to your Gmail account.

From now on, every time you receive a voicemail or text message via Google Voice, you'll get an e-mail notification to Gmail, which will pop up instantaneously on your Android device. You can even reply to a text message by responding to the email; Google will automatically route your response to the sender's number as a regular SMS.

If you go this way, you may want to disable notifications within the Google Voice app, as they'll be redundant. To do this, again, tap the Menu key while in the Google Voice app and select Settings, then touch Refresh and notification and adjust the options as you prefer.

One final Google Voice tip. If you go back and forth between using your Google Voice number and your regular cell phone number for calls, try adding the Toggle Google Voice shortcut to your home screen. (It's under the main Shortcuts menu; just tap and hold your finger on any open space on your home screen, then select Shortcuts to find and add it.) This gives you a one-tap switch to change which number you're using to dial out.



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Ben Davies 14/06/2009

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Marcus Foster 13/05/2009 r hi it's me could you give me a call back tomorrow morning so we can arrange the weekends

A One benefit of texting via Google Voice is that messages are completely free

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9 Inbox (2/30)

David Singleton 06/07/2009

Trying to learn the guitar. F chord has mv contorted hands achine. YouTube

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{JT marcyarefreeto join me for a weekend at my cabin In montana at

A In the Google Voice app, click on any contact photo to get options to respond to their voicemail by email or messaging

A Google Voice transcribes your voice-mails into text as well as playing the audio

Stanley Dorkus 2:55 pm

The eagle has landed.

lo more items in this view.

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