The Internet Movie Database has rightly become the web destination for film buffs keen to hone their knowledge. It's also handy to settle arguments about who was who in which TV show. This in-depth guide to plotlines, characters, cast and crew also features trailers and a frequently updated Top 250 films. Its database of reviews tells you instantly whether what's at the cinema or on TV tonight is likely to appeal.

More than 1.5 million films and 3.5 million actors, directors, cinematographers, producers and other key players are not only listed but cross-referenced. And there are plenty of extras: a section devoted to the lowest-rated movies of all time provides an amusing warning of absolute stinkers.

Listings of where a particular film is currently screening are sadly limited to the US at the moment. Keeping things current, though, the app links to online reviews of new releases, while a tie-in with Amazon lets you order related DVDs.

Google Sky Maps


A virtual planetarium at your fingertips, Google Sky Maps may be the coolest app in the Market. Using GPS and the accel-erometer and compass, it displays a live map of the sky where you are. Hold up the phone as if taking a picture, and Sky Maps shows the portion of the heavens directly behind, like an overlay on reality.

Can't figure out a constellation? Point the phone at it, and Sky Maps will show you. Wondering if a body is a star or a planet? Sky Maps will identify it. The app occasionally gets confused when it can't tell if the phone is horizontal or vertical (such as when you're holding it flat to point straight up), and sometimes draws the tines in constellations a bit wrong. But overall, it's a marvel.





Mobile Apps Made Easy

Mobile Apps Made Easy

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