The map of the world you start with is rather broad. Usually, people looking at a map on a phone will be expecting something a bit narrower in scope, such as a few city blocks.

You can control the zoom level directly via the zoomTo() method on the MapController. This takes an integer representing the level of zoom, where 1 is the world view and 21 is the tightest zoom you can get. Each level is a doubling of the effective resolution: 1 has the equator measuring 256 pixels wide, while 21 has the equator measuring 268,435,456 pixels wide. Since the phone's display probably doesn't have 268,435,456 pixels in either dimension, the user sees a small map focused on one tiny corner of the globe. A level of 16 will show you several city blocks in each dimension and is probably a reasonable starting point for you to experiment with.

Mapview offers a toggleEdgeZooming() method, which takes a boolean parameter indicating if this feature should be on or off. If it is enabled, then the user can drag her finger down the right edge of the map to change the zoom level manually. In the emulator, use your mouse to simulate the dragging motion.

Typically, you will need to control what the map is showing, beyond the zoom level, such as the user's current location, or a location saved with some data in your activity. To change the map's position, call centerMapTo() on the MapController.

This takes a Point as a parameter. A Point represents a location, via latitude and longitude. The catch is that the Point stores latitude and longitude as integers representing the actual latitude and longitude multiplied by 1E6. This saves a bit of memory versus storing a float or double, and it probably speeds up some internal calculations Android needs to do to convert the

Figure 62. Map with zoom indicator
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