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We hope you enjoy this ebook and its updates - keep tabs on the Warescription feed off the CommonsWare site to learn when new editions of this book, or other books in your Warescription, are available.

All editions of CommonsWare titles, print and ebook, follow a softwarestyle numbering system. Major releases (1.0, 2.0, etc.) are available in both print and ebook; minor releases (0.1, 0.9, etc.) are available in ebook form for Warescription subscribers only. Releases ending in .9 are "release candidates" for the next major release, lacking perhaps an index but otherwise being complete.

Each Warescription ebook is licensed for the exclusive use of its subscriber and is tagged with the subscribers name. We ask that you not distribute these books. If you work for a firm and wish to have several employees have access, enterprise Warescriptions are available. Just contact us at [email protected].

Also, bear in mind that eventually this edition of this title will be released under a Creative Commons license - more on this in the preface.

Remember that the CommonsWare Web site has errata and resources (e.g., source code) for each of our titles. Just visit the Web page for the book you are interested in and follow the links.

Some notes for Kindle users:


• You may wish to drop your font size to level 2 for easier reading

• Source code listings are incorporated as graphics so as to retain the monospace font, though this means the source code listings do not honor changes in Kindle font size xiv

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