This book will be published both in print and in digital (ebook) form. The ebook versions of all CommonsWare titles are available via an annual subscription - the Warescription.

The Warescription entitles you, for the duration of your subscription, to ebook forms of all CommonsWare titles, not just the one you are reading. Presently, CommonsWare offers PDF and Kindle; other ebook formats will be added based on interest and the openness of the format.

Each subscriber gets personalized editions of all editions of each title: both those mirroring printed editions and in-between updates that are only available in ebook form. That way, your ebooks are never out of date for long, and you can take advantage of new material as it is made available instead of having to wait for a whole new print edition. For example, when new releases of the Android SDK are made available, this book will be quickly updated to be accurate with changes in the APIs.

From time to time, subscribers will also receive access to subscriber-only online material, both short articles and not-yet-published new titles.

Also, if you own a print copy of a CommonsWare book, and it is in good clean condition with no marks or stickers, you can exchange that copy for a discount off the Warescription price.

If you are interested in a Warescription, visit the Warescription section of the CommonsWare Web site.

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