Mport android.view.View.OnClickListener mport mport import ** Called when the activity is first created. * Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) super.onCreate(savedInstanceState) Toast.makeText(getBaseContext(), There was a problem submitting your report. Wait a second, and then try again , Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show() Intent iMain new Intent(this, LocationFinderActivity.class) startActivity(iMain) open-source geotagging media capture report client

Phone Gap

< xml version 1.0 encoding utf-8 > < LinearLayout < WebView android id +id appView < meta http-equiv refresh com > < img src default.png id splash> < a> < string name hello> Hello World, PhoneGap< string> < string < string < resources>

Menu Dialog Options

Public boolean onMenuItemSelected int featureld, Menultem item super.onMenuItemSelected featureId, item showCredits else if item.getItemId 2 showRegistration public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu Menu menu super.onCreateOptionsMenu menu Menultem mItem menu.add 0, 1, Menu.NONE, About Menultem mItem2 menu.add 0, 2, Menu.NONE, Settings Menultem mItem3 menu.add 0, 3, Menu.NONE, Reports

Embedded Web Reports View

MWebView WebView findViewByld WebSettings webSettings mWebView.getSettings mWebView.setWebChromeClient new MyWebChromeClient mWebView.loadUrl url android id id webview android layout_weight 1 gt Intent iReportForm new Intent this, InternalWebView.class String reportDisplayUrl reportDisplayUrl