Using dismiss listeners

If you'd like your applcation to perform some procedures the moment that a dialog is dismissed, then you should attach an on-dismiss listener to your Dialog.

First define the DialogInterface.OnDismissListener interface. This interface has just one method, onDismiss(DialogInterface), which will be called when the dialog is dismissed. Then simply pass your OnDismissListener implementation to setOn DismissListenerQ.

«4 However, note that dialogs can also be "cancelled." This is a special case that indicates the dialog was explicitly cancelled by the user. This will occur if the user presses the "back" button to close the dialog, or if the dialog explicitly calls cancel() (perhaps from a "Cancel" button in the dialog). When a dialog is cancelled, the OnDismissListener will still be notified, but if you'd like to be informed that the dialog was explicitly cancelled (and not dismissed normally), then you should register an DialogInterface.OnCancelListener with setOnCancelListener().

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