Upgrading the SDK

Upgrading the SDK

• If you are developing on the Android 1.5 SDK, migrating your applications is straightforward and typically requires no modifications.

• For Eclipse users, a new version of ADT is available. To use the Android 1.6 SDK, please upgrade to ADT 0.9.3 (or later).

• For Windows users, the SDK includes a new USB driver that you can install, if you are developing on a device.

• A new Android SDK and AVD Manager tool is available. To access it, run the android tool without options.

The Android 1.6 platform will soon be deployable to devices around the world. If you have already released Android applications to the public, you should test the forward-compatibility of your applications on the latest version of the platform as soon as possible. It's unlikely that you'll encounter problems in your applications, but in the interest of maintaining the best user experience, you should take no risks. So, please install the new Android SDK and test your applications on the new platform.

For more information on new SDK features and system changes, see the Android 1.6 Version Notes.

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