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A new version of the ADT Plugin, ADT 0.9.3, is available in conjunction with this SDK release. To use the SDK, you must upgrade your ADT Plugin to version 0.9.3. With ADT 0.9.3, you can still compile your existing applications against multiple platform versions, such as Android 1.5, Android 1.1, and so on. However, ADT 0.9.3 is not compatible with previous versions of the SDK and its tools, so make sure that you upgrade both your SDK and the ADT Plugin.

The upgrade steps for ADT are described below. For information about new features in ADT, see the Release Notes document.

If you're currently using a version of ADT older than version 0.9, then you must uninstall ADT before you proceed (read how to Uninstall your previous ADT plugin). If you currently have version 0.9 or 0.9.1, then you don't need to uninstall and can continue with the procedure below.

This document describes how to move your development environment and existing Android applications from an Android 1.5 SDK to the Android 1.6 SDK. If you are migrating applications from an SDK older than 1.5, please also read the upgrading document available in the Android 1.5 SDK package.

There are several compelling reasons to upgrade, such as new SDK tools that make developing more efficient and new APIs that allow you to expand the feature-set of your applications. However, even if you or your applications don't require these enhancements, it's important that you upgrade to ensure that your applications run properly on the upcoming Android platform.

If you encounter problems with this update procedure, try performing a fresh installation. Fully remove your existing ADT Plugin as described in Uninstall your previous ADT plugin and then follow the guide to Installing the ADT Plugin for Eclipse.

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