U4 time delta since start in usec

The application is expected to parse all of the header fields, then seek to "offset to data" from the start of the file. From there it just reads 9-byte records until EOF is reached.

u8 start date/time in usec is the output from gettimeofday(). It's mainly there so that you can tell if the output was generated yesterday or three months ago.

method action sits in the two least-significant bits of the method word. The currently defined meanings are:

• 2 - method "exited" when unrolled by exception handling

An unsigned 32-bit integer can hold about 70 minutes of time in microseconds. Key File Format

The key file is a plain text file divided into three sections. Each section starts with a keyword that begins with '*'. If you see a '*' at the start of a line, you have found the start of a new section.

An example file might look like this:

*version 1

clock=global *threads

1 main

6 JDWP Handler 5 Async GC 4 Reference Handler 3 Finalizer

2 Signal Handler *methods

0x080f23f8 java/io/PrintStream write ([BII)V 0x080f25d4 java/io/PrintStream print (Ljava/lang/String;)V 0x080f27f4 java/io/PrintStream println (Ljava/lang/String;)V 0x080da620 java/lang/RuntimeException <init> ()V [... ]

0x080f630c android/os/Debug startMethodTracing ()V

0x080f6350 android/os/Debug startMethodTracing (Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;I)V

*end version section

The first line is the file version number, currently 1. The second line, clock=global, indicates that we use a common clock across all threads. A future version may use per-thread CPU time counters that are independent for every thread.

threads section

One line per thread. Each line consists of two parts: the thread ID, followed by a tab, followed by the thread name. There are few restrictions on what a valid thread name is, so include everything to the end of the line.

methods section

One line per method entry or exit. A line consists of four pieces, separated by tab marks: method-ID [TAB] class-name [TAB] methodname [TAB] signature . Only the methods that were actually entered or exited are included in the list. Note that all three identifiers are required to uniquely identify a method.

Neither the threads nor methods sections are sorted.

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