• In order to maintain consistency, all menu icons must use the same primary palette and the same effects. For more information, see the menu icon color palette.

• Menu icons should include rounded corners, but only when logically appropriate. For example, in Figure 3 the logical place for rounded corners is the roof and not the rest of the building.

• All dimensions specified on this page are based on a 48x48 pixel artboard size with a 6 pixel safeframe.

• The menu icon effect (the outer glow) described in Light, effects, and shadows can overlap the 6px safeframe, but only when necessary. The base shape must always stay inside the safeframe.

• Final art must be exported as a transparent PNG file.

• Templates for creating menu icons in Adobe Photoshop are available in the Icon Templates Pack.

Figure 4. Safeframe and corner-rounding for menu icons. Icon size is 48x48.

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