• Unselected tab icons have the same fill gradient and effects as menu icons, but with no outer glow.

• Selected tab icons look just like unselected tab icons, but with a fainter inner shadow, and have the same front part gradient as dialog icons

• Tab icons have a 1 px safeframe which should only be overlapped for the edge of the anti-alias of a round shape.

• All dimensions specified on this page are based on a 32x32 px artboard size. Keep 1 px of padding around the bounding box inside the Photoshop template.

• Final art must be exported as a 32x32 px transparent PNG file.

• Templates for creating tab icons in Adobe Photoshop are available in the Icon Templates Pack.

Figure 8. Safeframe and fill gradient for unselected tab icons. Icon size is 32x32.
Figure 9. Safeframe and fill gradient for tab icons in selected state. Icon size is 32x32.

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