Separate selectionspecific commands from global commands

Put any commands that are global to the current activity in the Options menu or place them fixed in an activity screen; put commands that apply to the current selection in the Context menu. (In any case, the command could either run as part of this activity or start another activity.)

You can determine in which menu to place a command by what it operates on: If the command acts on selected content (or a particular location) on the screen, put the command in the Context menu for that content. If the command acts on no specific content or location, put it in the Options menu. This separation of commands is enforced by the system in the following way. When you press the MENU button to display the Options menu, the selected content becomes unselected, and so cannot be operated on. For an explanation of why the content becomes unselected, see the article on Touch mode.


In a Context menu, the most intuitive command should be first, followed by commands in order of decreasing use, with the least used command at the bottom.

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