Sending a Voice Call or SMS to Another Emulator Instance

The emulator automatically forwards simulated voice calls and SMS messages from one instance to another. To send a voice call or SMS, you use the dialer application and SMS application (if available) installed on one emulator

To initiate a simulated voice call to another emulator instance:

1. Launch the dialer application on the originating emulator instance.

2. As the number to dial, enter the console port number of the instance you'd like to call. You can determine the console port number of the target instance by checking its window title, where the console port number is reported as "Android Emulator (<port>).

3. Press "Dial". A new inbound call appears in the target emulator instance.

To send an SMS message to another emulator instance, launch the SMS application (if available). Specify the console port number of the target emulator instance as as the SMS address, enter the message text, and send the message. The message is delivered to the target emulator instance.

You can also connect to an emulator instance's console to simulate an incoming voice call or SMS. For more information, see Telephony Emulation and SMS Emulation.

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