Resvaluesstringsxml required directory

The text strings in res/values/strings.xml should use the default language, which is the language that you expect most of your application's users to speak.

The default resource set must also include any default drawables and layouts, and can include other types of resources such as animations. res/drawable/(required directory holding at least one graphic file, for the application's icon in the Market) res/layout / (required directory holding an XML file that defines the default layout) res/anim/ (required if you have any res/anim-<qualifiers>folders) res/xml/ (required if you have any res/xml-<qualifiers> folders) res/raw/ (required if you have any res/raw- <qualifiers> folders)

Tip: In your code, examine each reference to an Android resource. Make sure that a default resource is defined for each one. Also make sure that the default string file is complete: A /oca/ized string file can contain a subset of the strings, but the defau/t string file must contain them all.

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