Resolved Issues Changes

• The android.jar in this SDK release now includes several classes that were missing from the previous SDK.

• The android.R.styleable class and its fields were removed from the public API, to better ensure forward-compatibility for applications. The constants declared in android.R.styleable were platform-specific and subject to arbitrary change across versions, so were not suitable for use by applications. You can still access the platform's styleable attributes from your resources or code. To do so, declare a custom resource element using a <declare-styleable> in your project's res/values/R.attrs file, then declare the attribute inside. For examples, see <sdk>/samples/ApiDemos/res/values/attrs.xml. For more information about custom resources, see Custom Layout Resources. Note that the android.R.styleable documentation is still provided in the SDK, but only as a reference of the platform's styleable attributes for the various elements.

• The VM now properly ensures that private classes are not available to applications through reflection. If you were using reflection to access private classes in a previous release, you will now get a run-time error.

• The Settings and Email applications are now included in the SDK and available in the emulator.

• We regret to inform developers that SDK 1.0_r2 does not support MFM, RLL, or Winchester hard disk drives.

• In the emulator, the control key for enabling/disabling trackball mode is changed from Control-T to F6. You can also enter trackball mode temporarily using the Delete key. While the key is pressed, you can send trackball events.

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