Resolved Issues Changes Emulator

• Emulator now saves the user image in <android>/SDK1.0/

• Fixed EsounD-related freezes on Linux.

• Fixed the documentation in -help-audio. '-audio list' doesn't work, one needs to call -help-audio-out and -help-audio-in to get the list of valid audio backends.

• Fixed scrollwheel Dpad emulation in rotated mode. before that, using the scroll-wheel would always generated Dpad Up/Down events, even when in landscape mode.

• Several Obsolete command options were removed.

• Setting the network speed through the console or the -netspeed option will properly modify the connectivity icon on the device.

• Setting the GSM voice registration state to 'roaming' in the console will properly modify the voice icon on the device

This release includes mainly bug fixes, although some smaller features were added. The Android 1.0 also includes several API changes from the 0.9 version. For those porting from the M5 release, the SDK also includes the legacy changes overview and API Differences Reports. See the current Overview of Changes for more information.

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