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Using the tool, you can quickly check what Android platforms, add-ons, extras, and documentation packages are available in your SDK environment, what their versions are, and whether updated versions are available. You can then download one or more items from remote repositories and install them directly in your SDK environment. For example, the tool lets you obtain updates to SDK tools incrementally, as they are made available, without having to wait for the next SDK release. You can also download Android platform versions into your environment that were not included in the SDK package.

The tool also lets you quickly create new AVDs, manage their properties, and run a target AVD from a single window. If you are developing in Eclipse with ADT, you can access the Android SDK and AVD Manager from the Window menu.

The ADT Plugin and the Ant build tools both provide integrated support for aligning your application packages. After you build an .apk, the SDK tools can sign and then run zipalign against it. The SDK includes the standalone version of the zipalign tool, so you can run also run it manually from the command line if you choose.

• If you are developing in Eclipse with ADT, support for zipalign is integrated into the Export Wizard. When you use the Wizard to export a signed application package, ADT signs and then automatically runs zipalign against the exported package. If you use the Wizard to export an unsigned application package, then it will not zipalign the package because zipalign must be performed only after the APK has been signed. You must manually sign and zipalign the package after export.

• If you are developing using Ant and are compiling in release mode, the build tools will automatically sign and then zipalign the application package, provided that you have specified the location of a valid keystore in the build properties file. If you are compiling in debug mode, the build tools will sign the package with the debug key and then zipalign it.

• To use zipalign manually, change to the SDK tools directory and use the command syntax $ zipalign 4 <infile> <outfile>

In general, note that you must zipalign an application only after it has been signed, as signing will disrupt the package alignment. Support for Test Packages in New Project Wizard

The New Project Wizard available in the ADT 0.9.3 now lets you add a test package containing Instrumentation or other classes of tests while you are creating or importing a new Android application project.

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