Release Overview

This SDK release includes many new features for developers. Highlights of the changes include:

• Multiple versions of the Android platform are included (Android 1.1, Android 1.5). The tools are updated to let you deploy your application on any platform in the SDK, which helps you ensure forward-compitility and, if applicable, backward-compatibility.

• Introduces Android Virtual Devices — (AVD) configurations of options that you run in the emulator to better model actual devices. Each AVD gets its own dedicated storage area, making it much easier to work with multiple emulators that are running concurrently.

• Support for SDK add-ons, which extend the Android SDK to give you access to one or more external Android libraries and/or a customized (but compliant) system image that can run in the emulator.

• The new Eclipse ADT plugin (version 0.9.x) offers new Wizards to let you create projects targetted for specific Android configurations, generate XML resources (such as layouts, animations, and menus), generate alternate layouts, and export and sign your application for publishing.

• Improved JUnit support in ADT

• Easier profiling of performance

• Easier management of localized applications. You can now include or exclude locale resources when building your APK from a single Android project.

• A new tool called "android" replaces the activitycreator script.

• The SDK add-on architecture now lets device manufacturers specify a USB Vendor ID in their add-ons.

• The android tool provides a new command that scans SDK add-ons for their USB Vendor IDs and makes them available to adb (OS X and Linux versions of the SDK only). The command is android update adb. On Windows versions of the SDK, a custom USB driver is included that supports the "Google" and "HTC" Vendor IDs, which allow adb to recognize G1 and HTC Magic devices. For other devices, contact the device manufacturer to obtain a USB driver, especially if you have an SDK add-on that defines a new USB Vendor ID.

• The telephony, sensor, and geo fix issues in the emulator are now fixed.

• When you use adb to uninstall an upgraded application, the Android system now properly restores any permissions that had already been granted to the previous (downgrade) version of the application

For details about the Android platforms included in the SDK — including bug fixes, features, and API changes — please read the Version Notes documents available at left. For a list of Android platforms included in this release, see the Download page.

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