Rdrawablemyimage code drawablemyimage XML

If several drawable directories are available, Android will select one of them (as described below) and load myimage.png from it.

Whether the keyboard is available to the user

keysexposed,keyshidden, keyssoft

If your application has specific resources that should only be used with a soft keyboard, use the keyssoft value. If no keyssoft resources are available (only keysexposed and keyshidden) and the device shows a soft keyboard, the system will use keysexposed resources.

Primary text input method

nokeys, qwerty, 12key

Primary non-touchscreen navigation method

nonav, dpad, trackball, wheel

Screen dimensions

32 0x2 4 0, 64 0x4 8 0, etc. The larger dimension must be specified first. This configuration is deprecated and should not be used; use instead screen dimension, wider/taller screens, and screen orientation described above.

SDK version

The SDK version supported by the device, for example v3. The Android 1.0 SDK is v1, the 1.1 SDK is v2, and the 1.5 SDK is v3.

(Minor version)

(You cannot currently specify minor version. It is always set to 0.)

0 0

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