Put only the most important commands fixed on the screen

By putting commands in menus, you free up the screen to hold more content. On the other hand, fixing commands in the content area of an activity makes them more prominent and easy to use.

Here are a number of important reasons to place commands fixed on the activity screen:

• To give a command the highest prominence, ensuring the command is obvious and won't be overlooked. Example: A "Buy" button in a store application.

• When quick access to the command is important and going to the menu would be tedious or slow. Example: Next/Previous buttons or Zoom In/Out buttons in an image viewing application.

• When in the middle of an operation that needs to be completed. Example: Save/Discard buttons in an image crop activity.

• Dialogs and wizards. Example: OK/Cancel buttons

• For direct manipulation.

Example: Dragging an icon in the Home screen to the trash

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