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The beta version of Android Market does not support notifying your users when you publish a new version of your application. This capability will be added soon, but currently the user must independently initiate download of an upgraded application. When you publish an upgrade, you can assist users by notifying them that the upgrade is available and giving them a way to download the upgraded application from Android Market.

Here is a suggested way of tracking installed application versions and notifying users that an upgrade is available:

1. Have your app occasionally check in with a web-service that you're running. This web service should return two values: the latest available version number for the application (corresponding toandroid:versionCode) and a URI string that your application can later send in an Intent, to launch Market and search for the upgraded application for the user.

The sections below provide information about publishing your Android application to mobile device users.

Publishing on Android Market

The URI that your web service returns should be properly formatted to search Android Market for your upgraded application. See Using Intents to Launch the Market Application for more information. The URI should specify the upgraded application's package name as the query parameter, since the package name is guaranteed to be unique on Android Market. The URI format for the package name search is:

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