Preparing to Publish A Checklist

Publishing an application means testing it, packaging it appropriately, and making it available to users of Android-powered mobile devices.

If you plan to publish your application for installation on Android-powered devices, there are several things you need to do, to get your application ready. This document highlights the significant checkpoints for preparing your application for a successful release.

If you will publish your application on Android Market, please also see Publishing on Android Market for specific preparation requirements for your application.

For general information about the ways that you can publish an applications, see the Publishing Your Applications document.

Before you consider your application ready for release:

1. Test your application extensively on an actual device

2. Consider adding an End User License Agreement in your application

3. Specify an icon and label in the application's manifest

4. Turn off logging and debugging and clean up data/files

Before you do the final compile of your application:

5. Version your application

6. Obtain a suitable cryptographic key

7. Register for a Maps API Key, if your application is using MapView elements Compile your application...

After compiling your application:

8. Sign your application

9. Test your compiled application

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