Preparing for the Exercises

The tutorial assumes that you have some familiarity with basic Android application concepts and terminology. If you are not, you should read Application Fundamentals before continuing.

This tutorial also builds on the introductory information provided in the Hello World tutorial, which explains how to set up your Eclipse environment for building Android applications. We recommend you complete the Hello World tutorial before starting this one.

To prepare for this lesson:

1. Download the project exercises archive (.zip).

2. Unpack the archive file to a suitable location on your machine.

3. Open the NotepadCodeLab folder.

Inside the NotepadCodeLab folder, you should see six project files: Notepadvl, Notepadv2, Notepadv3, NotepadvlSolution, Notepadv2Solution and Notepadv3S olution. TheNotepadv# projects are the starting points for each of the exercises, while the Notepadv#Solution projects are the exercise solutions. If you are having trouble with a particular exercise, you can compare your current work against the exercise solution.

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