Other Resources and Further Learning

• For a lighter but broader introduction to concepts not covered in the tutorial, take a look at Common Android Tasks.

• The Android SDK includes a variety of fully functioning sample applications that make excellent opportunities for further learning. You can find the sample applications in the samples / directory of your downloaded SDK, or browser them here, in the Sample Code section.

• This tutorial draws from the full Notepad application included in the samples / directory of the SDK, though it does not match it exactly. When you are done with the tutorial, it is highly recommended that you take a closer look at this version of the Notepad application, as it demonstrates a variety of interesting additions for your application, such as:

o Setting up a custom striped list for the list of notes.

o Creating a custom text edit view that overrides the draw() method to make it look like a lined notepad. o Implementing a full ContentProvider for notes. o Reverting and discarding edits instead of just automatically saving them.

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