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Maps External Library

In previous versions of the SDK, the com.google.android.maps package was included in the standard Android library and system image. In the Android 1.5 SDK, that is not the case. The Android 1.5 library and system image do not include the Maps external library (com.google.android.maps). However, the Maps external library is available as part of the Google APIs add-on for the Android SDK, downloadable from this location:

To ensure that your existing application will work properly on a device running the latest version of the Android platform, you are strongly encouraged to migrate the application to the new SDK, compile it using the platform matching the application's original API Level, and run it against the most current platform.

If you're installing the Android SDK for the first time, please see the instructions in Installing the SDK. SDK Add-Ons

This version of the SDK introduces support for SDK add-ons, which extend the Android SDK to give you access to one or more external Android libraries and/or a customized (but compliant) system image that can run in the emulator. The purpose of an SDK add-on is to give you a way to develop applications for a specific actual device (or family of devices) that extends the APIs available to Android applications through external libraries or system customizations.

http://code.aooale.com /android/add-ons/google-apis

For your convenience, the Google APIs add-on is included in the SDK.

For information about how to register for a Maps API Key, see Obtaining a Maps API Key.

USB Drivers for Windows r

The USB driver files are located in the <SDK>/usb driver directory. For details and installation instructions, see Setting Up a Device for Development.

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