On Bs console set up a redirection from Alocalhost to B100215

3. On C, have the client connect to<localPort>

For example, if you wanted to run an HTTP server, you can select <serverPort> as 80 and <localPort> as 8080:

An emulator instance occupies a pair of adjacent ports: a console port and an adb port. The port numbers differ by 1, with the adb port having the higher port number. The console of the first emulator instance running on a given machine uses console port 5554 and adb port 5555. Subsequent instances use port numbers increasing by two — for example, 5556/5557, 5558/5559, and so on. Up to 16 concurrent emulator instances can run a console facility.

To connect to the emulator console, you must specify a valid console port. If multiple emulator instances are running, you need to determine the console port of the emulator instance you want to connect to. You can find the instance's console port listed in the title of the instance window. For example, here's the window title for an instance whose console port is 5554:

To exit the console session, use quit or exit.

The sections below describe the major functional areas of the console.

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