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• Values are case-insensitive. The resource compiler converts folder names to lower case before processing to avoid problems in case-insensitive file systems. On case-sensitive file systems, you should keep all names lower-case or at least use a consistent case to protect your future sanity when trying to find a resource file.

• Only one value for each qualifier type is supported. For example, if you want to use exactly the same drawable files for Spain and France, you will need two resource directories, such as drawable-rES/ and drawable-rFR/, containing identical files. You cannot have a directory named drawable-rES-rFR/.

• Qualified directories cannot be nested. For example, you cannot have res/drawable/drawable-en. How resources are referenced in code

All resources will be referenced in code or resource reference syntax by their simple, undecorated names. So if a resource were named this:

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