Notifying the User

Several types of situations may arise that require you to notify the user about an event that occurs in your application. Some events require the user to respond and others do not. For example:

• When an event such as saving a file is complete, a small message should appear to confirm that the save was successful.

• If the application is running in the background and needs the user's attention, the application should create a notificaiton that allows the user to respond at his or her convenience.

• If the application is performing work that the user must wait for (such as loading a file), the application should show a hovering progress wheel or bar.

Each of these notification tasks can be achieved using a different technique:

• A Toast Notification, for brief messages that come from the background.

• A Status Bar Notification, for persistent reminders that come from the background and request the user's response.

• A Dialog Notification, for Activity-related notifications.

This document summarizes each of these techniques for notifying the user and includes links to full documentation.

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