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If you are using Windows and want to develop or test your application on an Android-powered device (such as the T-Mobile G1), you need an appropriate USB driver.

The Windows version of the Android 1.6 SDK includes a new, WinUSB-based driver that you can install. The driver is compatible with both 32-and 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Vista. The driver represents an upgrade from the USB driver included in previous Android SDKs, although installing the new driver is not required.

If you installed the USB driver from a previous SDK release and it is working properly, you do not need to upgrade to the new driver. However, we recommend upgrading if you have had any problems with the older driver or simply want to upgrade to the latest version.

If you are developing in another IDE, you can access the Android SDK and AVD Manager through the android command-line tool, located in the <sdk>/tools directory. You can launch the tool with a graphical UI by using the android command without specifying any options. You can also simply double-click the android.bat (Windows) or android (OS X/Linux) file. You can still use android commands to create and manage AVDs, including AVDs with custom hardware configurations.

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