MyAppresdrawable MyAppresdrawableen MyAppresdrawableenport MyAppresdrawableennotouch12key MyAppresdrawableportldpi MyAppresdrawableportnotouch12key

Locale = en-GB Screen orientation = port Screen pixel density = mdpi Touchscreen type = notouch Primary text input method = 12key

Here is how Android makes the selection:

Exception: If the qualifier in question is screen pixel density, Android will select the option that most closely matches the device, and the selection process will be complete. In general, Android will prefer scaling down a larger original image to scaling up a smaller original image.

11. Go back and repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 until only one choice remains. In the example, screen orientation is the next qualifier in the table for which we have any matches. Eliminate resources that do not specify a screen orientation.

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