Menu Design Guidelines

A menu holds a set of commands (user actions) that are normally hidden, and are accessible by a button, key, or gesture. Menu commands provide a means for performing operations and for navigating to other parts of your application or other applications. Menus are useful for freeing screen space, as an alternative to placing functionality and navigation, in buttons or other user controls in the content area of your application.

In order to handle a large number of menu items, the Options menu progressively discloses them in two steps:

• Options icon menu - The first press of the MENU button displays a non-scrollable grid of icons at the bottom of the screen. (On the G1 phone, up to 6 buttons typically appear.)

• Options expanded menu - If the activity has more menu items than will fit on the icon menu, then the last icon is labeled "More" — selecting it displays a list that can contain any number of menu items and will scroll as necessary.

On some versions of Android, the user can display keyboard shortcuts in the menu alternates between the command names and their keyboard shortcuts

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