In your file, you may include multiple <Placemark> elements, each containing a <coordinates> element. When you do so, the collection of placemarks will be added as tracks. DDMS will send one placemark per second to the device.

One way to generate a suitable KML file is to find a location in Google Earth. Right-click the location entry that appears on the left and select "Save place as..." with the save format set to Kml.

Note: DDMS does not support routes created with the <MultiGeometry><LineString>lat1, longl, lat2, long2, </LineString></MultiGeometry> methods. There is also currently no support for the <TimeStamp> node inside the <Placemark>. Future releases may support timed placement and routes within a single coordinate element.

For additional methods of setting up mocks of location-based data, see the Location topic.

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