A project's file is an index into all the resources defined in the file. You use this class in your source code as a sort of short-hand way to refer to resources you've included in your project. This is particularly powerful with the code-completion features of IDEs like Eclipse because it lets you quickly and interactively locate the specific reference you're looking for.

It's possible yours looks slighly different than this (perhaps the hexadecimal values are different). For now, notice the inner class named "layout", and its member field "main". The Eclipse plugin noticed the XML layout file named main.xml and generated a class for it here. As you add other resources to your project (such as strings in the res/values/string.xml file or drawables inside the res/drawable/ direcory) you'll see change to keep up.

When not using Eclipse, this class file will be generated for you at build time (with the Ant tool).

You should never edit this file by hand.

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