Filtering the Reference Documentation by API Level

Reference documentation pages on the Android Developers site offer a "Filter by API Level" control in the top-right area of each page. You can use the control to show documentation only for parts of the API that are actually accessible to your application, based on the API Level that it specifies in the android:minSdkVersion attribute of its manifest file.

To use filtering, set the control to the same API Level as that specified by your application. Notice that APIs introduced in a later API Level are then grayed out and their content is masked, since they would not be accessible to your application.

Filtering by API Level in the documentation does not provide a view of what is new or introduced in each API Level — it simply provides a way to view the entire API associated with a given API Level, while excluding API elements introduced in later API Levels.

By default, API Level filtering is enabled and set to show the latest API Level. If you do not want to use filtering reference documentation, simply select the highest available API Level.

Also note that the reference documentation for individual API elements specifies the API Level at which the elements were introduced. The API Level for packages and classes is specified as "Since <api level>" at the top-right corner of the content area on each documentation page. The API Level for class members is specified in their detailed description headers, at the right margin.

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