The table below lists the tutorial exercises and describes the development areas that each covers. Each exercise assumes that you have completed any previous exercises.

Exercise 1

Start here. Construct a simple notes list that lets the user add new notes but not edit them. Demonstrates the basics of ListActivity and creating and handling menu options. Uses a SQLite database to store the notes.

Exercise 2

Add a second Activity to the application. Demonstrates constructing a new Activity, adding it to the Android manifest, passing data between the activities, and using more advanced screen layout. Also shows how to invoke another Activity to return a result, using startActivityForResult().

Exercise 3

Add handling of life-cycle events to the application, to let it maintain application state across the life cycle.

Extra Credit

Demonstrates how to use the Eclipse debugger and how you can use it to view life-cycle events as they are generated. This section is optional but highly recommended.

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