Dont Interrupt the User

If the user is running an application (such as the Phone application during a call) it's a pretty safe bet he did it on purpose. That's why you should avoid spawning activities except in direct response to user input from the current Activity.

That is, don't call startActivity() from BroadcastReceivers or Services running in the background. Doing so will interrupt whatever application is currently running, and result in an annoyed user. Perhaps even worse, your Activity may become a "keystroke bandit" and receive some of the input the user was in the middle of providing to the previous Activity. Depending on what your application does, this could be bad news.

Instead of spawning Activity UIs directly from the background, you should instead use the NotificationManager to set Notifications. These will appear in the status bar, and the user can then click on them at his leisure, to see what your application has to show him.

(Note that all this doesn't apply to cases where your own Activity is already in the foreground: in that case, the user expects to see your next Activity in response to input.)

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